Harold Pijcke

European Masters Weightlifting Chairman (since 2021)

Jordi and I first met at the World Masters Championships in 2019 in Montreal.
My first impressions were that you are a very friendly, caretaking personality. You took care of our daughter Diana and you became a friend of the family.
The more I learned to know you I also heard and read about your story. One thing I took over
as a motto for life: “do your best and try to do better everyday than the day before”. If you do
that in life you are untouchable! Thank you Jordi for being an example for me.
Beside your personality you show to be a great value for masters weightlifting. You
understand the spirit of the community and you are a great help and stable factor as an
assistant official. I hope you will become a certified official and stay with us for a very long
I hope we will always be in touch because we see you as a friend of our family and the
masters weightlifting family.





European Masters Chairman – iWF Masters General Secretary – IWF Masters Anti-Doping Panel
Our first meeting in Montreal was our last for longer than expected as Covid swept the world and interrupted everyone’s lives.
True to our words Jordi and I stayed in regular contact with each other all the time checking on each other’s
health and looking forward to meeting and seeing each other again. The year of 2020 passed without any
live weightlifting championships but Nederland were already advanced in their plans to organise the
European Masters which should have been in 2020 but finally was looking a possibility for November 2021.
November arrived and the championship in Alkmaar went ahead. Jordi was invited to attend the
championship and help the European Masters Weightlifting Committee (EMC) by working with one of the
“weigh-in teams”. The championship was special for all the members of the EMC and co-opted members
like Jordi, not just because we were able to run a championship again after a break of two years, but also to
socialise and talk to each other but to work together in friendship and see how pleased all the athletes
were to be involved.
Every time we had a break from running the championship Jordi and I were in conversation and enjoying
each other’s company, that’s how strong our friendship had become.
Jordi is a very special man. In a short period of time he has got to know so many people in the sport of
weightlifting and made so many friends. He rarely looks back on the trauma he suffered and the turmoil it
caused with his life. Now he looks forward and seeks ways to improve his life in so many different ways. Not
far from his home in Barcelona is the hospital and the medical staff who helped Jordi through his past
trauma and now he repays them for the health he now has by lecturing and helping young
people and others who may have also suffered traumas. He has involved himself in different
sports which I will list to explain why I think of him as someone special.
● Weightlifting
● Basketball
● Cycling
● Running
I am always happy to see him and talk with him, I am proud to have such a good friend.