As IWF Masters Chairwoman, I arrived in Barcelona the evening before the championship started. There was a lot of pressure, because of the seriousness and uncertainty of how the 2018 IWF Masters World championship will go on daily.  The committee had some unfortunate surprises weeks before, namely that the General Secretary got hospitalized and was not able to participate in Barcelona. I met Jordi and the Spanish voluntary team on the morning of the first championship week day and decided to go with the flow. Due to financial administration work I was ‘forced’ to spend most of the time at the accreditation center with a handful of young enthusiastic Spanish volunteers. We all met in the same flow and it felt welcoming and safe to be among them. When my son Andreas came in and got involved more, he noticed Jordi right away and it ‘clicked’ immediately between them.  I was too busy to pay attention. The 3rd  day of the 9 day championship week, I noticed that Jordi was always with a big smile and ready with any solution. In fact both of us always found in a split of a few seconds a solution  to anything that came up.   It was like we spoke the same language whenever we met. Jordi’s attitude has given me the biggest part of building a peace of mind in all issues. During the week until the last moment I had all the last decisions on my shoulders, and so it was the greatest gift to have calm, focused and responsible person like Jordi and his team by my side. Francisco Rodriguez Garcia has chosen the perfect team to organize and run the championship. It made all the difference, especially with all challenges we faced before and during the championship.

Since 2004 I have been to most of the Masters international championships and are officiating in usually 2 EWF/IWF annual events, but I must admit that I have only one other time felt so welcomed and cared. Especially in Jordi I see a pure loving soul, full of love ready to share. I know that weightlifting has impressed him and that our championship doctor Mark Lavallee gave Jordi green light to start training.  Jordi we are by your side every step of the way. It is now we Masters, to welcome you into our weightlifting family.

You need a lift?    A big hug, a big Thank you and Bless you for you are an inspiration.

Denise Offermann,     IWF Masters Chairwoman